Got a Girl Crush On: Issue 4 interviewee, Cindy Gallop


Photos by Meg Wachter


“I realized what happened when today’s total freedom of access to hardcore porn online met our society’s equally total reluctance to talk totally openly about sex. It results in porn becoming, by default, the sex education today, and not in a good way.”


Cindy Gallop didn’t set out to become an advocate for the porn industry. But that’s where her career, which includes climbing the ranks at ad agency BBH, founding her own consultancy, and speaking at TED, has taken her. As founder of Make Love Not Porn, a site for real world sex, she navigates the business, technology, and adult entertainment worlds with her own savvy, whip-smart, dont-care-if-you-like-it style. Or in her words, she likes to blow shit up. She is “the Michael Bay of business.”

You can read Erin Griffith’s full interview with Cindy in our 4th issue available for pre-order now!