Got a girl crush on: Jona Frank

This past weekend, Len and I headed across the bridge to Bolinas to check out the Barry McGee and Clare Rojas exhibit (which was amazingamazingamazing!) at the Bolinas Museum, but it was Jona Frank’s photography in the adjacent photography gallery that really took my breath away. 

Her exhibit Boys / In Progress is a series of portraits and a personal observation on adolescent boys, ranging from the bleach blonde California skater boy to young Mormon missionaries. In her own words:

“For as long as I can remember I have been observing boys. I was the youngest of 4 children, the only girl, in a strict, east coast, Catholic family. I remember eating my cereal while my three brothers stomped around the kitchen in their black buckle shoes, their ties clipped on, getting ready to go to parochial school. I was told to “sit and watch” a lot: baseball games, hockey games, piano recitals, at church as my brothers served communion, at the park as they played. I did more watching than I did participating. It took awhile before I could participate.”

They also had her book High School on hand in the gallery, which explores the nuances of high school social circles. Len and I thumbed through the book and played a game of “Were they your friend?”: Houndstooth blazer donning Chess Club member? “Yes.” Bead wearing Candy Raver? “Yeah, probably.” Peppy faced Cheerleader? “No way.” Pixie haired girl in a red dress and vintage jewelry? “Had a crush on her”. All black leather-clad dude? “Yeah, but only because I was scared of him.”