Got A Girl Crush On: Maxi Cohen’s Ladies Rooms Around The World

As a fellow photographer, I am really blown away by the dedication and commitment spanning several decades to such a personal and pertinent project (plus it’s fun to see the styles of the times over the years).

My earliest recollection of my interest in bathrooms was at the age of three. Bored with grown-ups talking in a foreign language in the overstuffed living room of relatives, I explored the pink tile bathroom, that is, until I decided to just drive home alone. I made it as far as into a fence, which I think was quite an accomplishment for one who couldn’t see over the steering wheel.

I just pledged $10 - but you should also help Maxi fund her latest endeavor with the Ladies Rooms project by sponsoring the production of short films (and get prints and dvds in return!)

(via Cassie)