Got a Girl Crush On: Molly Reeder’s Kitchen Drawing Series

Molly Reeder is a baker and illustrator originally from the northeast area of the US. She has worked in bakeries throughout the world, including New Orleans, USA.; Melbourne, Australia; Wellington, New Zealand; and Sofia, Bulgaria. Inspired by the power of story and community, she loves to create and share narratives through the practices of baking and art making–and where these two realms converge. She hopes to use both art and baking as a connecting means to bring people together.

“My kitchen practice is a way to be creative, and to push myself towards excellence. I never want to be in a rut, to just do the normal thing, or stick within the lines of what every one else is doing. I want to always feel excited and creative about what I’m making. Baking is also the means by which I will hopefully someday hire other women, and empower them through education and an opportunity for leadership. Because being creative is a lot of fun, but it’s even more fulfilling when you get to really serve others through it” –Arley Arrington of Arley Cakes

“I am interested in the idea of baking as ritual and kitchen as practice space. The process of baking is a ritual that grounds me in the history and geography of other bakers–particularly honoring women– that have come before me and have used their creativity and ingenuity to perfect technique and create something beautiful and nourishing with what they have, in the place they are from. I think of the kitchen as a practice space where I can engage in that ritual, experiment, and engage my creativity in a domestic sphere that is non-judgmental, an interior space that is mine until I chose to share what I’ve created with others.” –Emily Hiliard of Nothing in the house Pie blog