Got A Girl Crush On: The Murderettes (this is seriously amazing)


“christmas machine” was written by four of my friends and recorded in truly classic grrrl style: straight to a fisher-price tape deck in the back seat of a car, in short skirts, knees up on the seat, smoking cigarettes, etc. the whole nine yards. i feel like it’s in the same spirit as this skirts song, posted earlier today by marisa (meltzer):

“No instruments? No talent? No problem! We went to the mall and bought toy instruments and wore matching outfits and wrote songs about Nabokov.”

a follow-up via email also unearthed this anecdotal gem:

“Jeremy (college ex) also found a K Recs comp that we’re on with a song about Miss Moneypenny. We also covered “Fever” and a Dusty Springfield song and had a song that I wrote when I was two about Darth Vader. 1996 was a really precocious time for me.”