Got a Girl Crush x Katja Blichfeld’s comprehensive 420 Women + Weed round-up!


We asked crush Katja Blichfeld (co-creator of the show “High Maintenance,” making its cable debut on HBO later this year!) to help us curate our favorite paraphernalia in honor of the most leisurely of holidays, and to celebrate women claiming their place as bona fide functioning and stylish stoners.

“I think that we’re trying to overcome a lot of already annoying stereotypes and terrible holdovers from previous generations and I think that historically women have not wanted to give any ammunition for more oppression.” 

–Katja from our interview with her last fall (read parts one and two)


“Terms of Endearment” (1983) has a scene early on in the film where Debra Winger and her best friend smoke pot the night before she gets married. Her friend empties a cigarette and stuffs it with weed. This was a very educational moment for me! I was like, “Oh, okay! You can do it like that! And you get a filter!” I mean, I’ve yet to learn to roll a proper joint. I don’t use this method anymore but it’s helped me in many a situation where I was missing a pipe.


Female-owned (Luren Jenison and Lydia Okrent) cannabis lifestyle and accessories online store. Gorgeous modern and often-sculptural accouterments, cleverly divided into “Before / During / After” categories. 

BEFORE faves:

sleek metal stash orbs like this one and this one

Themed gift boxes in cool acrylic cubes (this one features a tiny saxophone pipe!)

Attractive incense burner (welcome alternative to the standard issue “crunchy” ones of old)

DURING faves:

smooth stoneware pipes that immediately evoke chill feelings like this one

ceramic “apple” pipes (the sophisticated version of the apple pipe we all smoked in high school)

rolling papers with intentions printed on them (smoke with intention!)

AFTER faves:

We’re obsessed with these rolling papers kept in a cartoony nature’s pocket.

Christina Haines Ceramics

Beautiful, dainty, rustic ceramic pipes in her online store (Meg just bought the pipe above from Tina – it looks like it could be in your grandma’s china cabinet!)

Tetra Shop
Upscale, aesthetics-conscious online store founded by 3 women: Monica Khemsurov, Eviana Hartman, and Su Wu. So many goodies there! 

Love these lighters!

This ashtray is BOSS. Executive-level, baby!

Peach pipe by Catchtilly

“Catchtilly was founded in 2015 by two entrepreneurial gals who saw a serious hole in the recreational market. Head shops are, more often than not, dingy wastelands that are pretty tough to enjoy – particularly for us ladies. Boy’s club comes to mind. After being given the “are you sure you’re not lost, miss” look far too many times, after feeling “meh” at best with the generic selection, after shelling out way too much for sub-par pieces they decided enough is enough. Why not present all things smoke related in a boutique setting? Why not sell goods made by artisans rather than factory workers? Why not specialize? They couldn’t think of a good reason not to, so they did! Catchtilly is Amanda Farris, of Sister Coffee, and Laura Uhlir, of Olive.”


Minimalist ceramic bong. Simple and gorgeous.

And this pretty print!

Pamela Barsky’s NOT POT pouch


Malachite is a protection stone, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body. It guards against radiation of all kinds, clears electromagnetic pollution and heals earth energies. What a better way to get grounded than this pipe!

Penelope Gazin’s WEED WITCH Grinder

Instagram: @penelopegazin


Sisters of the Valley 

Bringing medicinal marijuana to those in need and arguably doing the Lord’s work! “They make salves and lotions and tinctures from plants that are lovingly grown on their California land, harvested around the lunar cycle and cultivated during prayer.” Instagram: @sistersofthevalley

Whoopi & Maya

Speaking of healing sisters…Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles, and Whoopi Goldberg have teamed up to develop a new line of products (edibles, tinctures, topical rubs, and a THC-infused bath soak) designed to provide relief from menstrual cramps! Glory glory! Instagram: @whoopiandmaya


Erin M. Riley, Artist

We’ve blogged about Erin before, but we have to give her another shout-out. She’s incredible the way she’s documenting feminist scenes from this very particular moment in time (as in, this present moment) through an old medium like weaving is so fucking cool. Among her many pieces feature women smoking pot. This is one of Katja’s favorites. And this one! High Maintenance was also lucky enough to borrow a piece for an episode they shot this past fall fall. Instagram: @erinmriley

High Mija

A zine‬ that’s more than just a love of cannabis, it’s an autobiographical, heartfelt tale of the ties that bind a father and daughter. Told in the only format that embraces the irregularities of memory and the anachronistic intertwining of photos, popular culture, and personal reflections, this rasquache-montage zine immortalizes the tale of a Chicana and the legacy of cool.” –Claudia Zapata, ChingoZine 

BIG thanks to Katja for helping compile this list! Title artwork by genius Amanda Stosz, portrait of Katja by Meg Wachter.