Breaking: Roseanne is now streaming on Netflix in it’s entirety in the US

Incase you didn’t know already, Roseanne is now streaming on Netflix in it’s entirety in the US! This comes at a glorious time when seemingly the majority of the country is in an arctic deep-freeze.

If you were like me as a kid, you weren’t allowed to watch this show–which, according to my mom, it’s because I was too young (debuting in 1988 puts me at 5, so fair enough). Unfortunately, I always ended up associating it as something crass and uncultured. But thankfully now I can put those feelings welllllll aside and truly appreciate how ground-breaking this show as a truly feminist working-class portrayal of middle America. Roseanne and Dan openly about talking about their sex life, have an unconventional tough love approach to raising their kids (as seen on tv); cover sexism in the workplace, teen pregnancy, homosexuality, and being unable to make ends meet.

But the most striking to me was in episode 15 of season 1 where Darlene gets her period and thinks it’s a mark to put her sports paraphernalia away and stop being a tomboy. Roseanne explains, “these are girls things, as long as a girl uses them” and getting your period connects you to the greater cycle of things. It’s really poignant and touching and I’d wish I’d seen this when I got mine at age 13. Check it out for yourself in the clip above.