By Sonia Ana Ortiz

Every month I select a tarot deck out of my collection and pick 12 cards from that correlate to each sign of the zodiac. This is #crushascope for July 2018 and was conjured up using the Aquarian Tarot.


We are well into Cancer season and it is a great time for you crabs to get out of your shells. You feel an itch to collaborate with someone on a project. Your creativity will spark new inspiration among your peers. Perhaps you want to try an apprenticeship of some kind. The partial solar eclipse / new moon in Cancer on July 12th will also play a major role for you in how see partnerships and relationships. Expect breakthrough and discovery.


I never enjoy pulling the tower for anyone, not even an enemy. But this is going to be a month of lessons, staying present, self-care, and course rising above it all once the tower itself falls. You may have to let go of situations and people and let things crumble before you can move on the journey of being your best self-possible. It’s okay to retreat and lick your wounds after a fight. You do not owe anything to anyone only to yourself. Things may come to a climactic / dramatic crescendo on the 12th with that double Cancer, double whammy new moon partial solar eclipse. Just remember to be kind yourself no matter what.



July will be a balancing act for sure. You are testing the limits of your personal time plus work. There may be an uncomfortable transition with job and career that will shake you up but trust it will have a happy ending. The new / moon, partial solar eclipse on July 12th will be an eye-opener on how you designate your time. You will find new way to optimize your time and make a plan on how to work on the things that matter most to you.



This is a fantastic month despite all the planetary shakeups happening around you. You test your temperament around others and situations. Prepare to set a shining example to others having a hard time by showing how comfortable you can be in uncomfortable situations. The new moon / partial solar eclipse on the 12th will bring you unexpected good news so keep yourself open to possibilities of good things to come.



You will be put in a very vulnerable position where you have to reach out to others for help. Do not be too proud Scorpio. This is a time to let down your guard and allow people to show up for you. You have to have a leap of faith and trust that there are good natured people surrounding you. You will have a change of heart about someone you misjudged too. You don’t need to be public about it but acknowledge it and take steps to be kind. The partial solar eclipse / new moon in Cancer on the 12th will shed light on this situation. Make a friend from a foe.  



Blissful relationships among you and your loved ones really shine this month. You will step up your game and show up for those you really love. July provides an opportunity for you to be selfless and altruistic. Good things happen to you when you are good to others. Perhaps, cheer someone up in need with that happy-go-lucky attitude of yours. Take people out for food or entertain at home. This will be a great month to reach out to others and host a party if you are feeling up for it.  



Planetary retrogrades and eclipses aside, this is not a terrible month for you.

It is a new day for you Capricorn. Expect good surprises in store from loved ones. Justice will be served to any of you who have been done wrong. Expect for a light at the end of the tunnel. This could be a frustrating month filled with disappointment but know that nothing is permanent and that you are on the right side of history.



A dramatic situation can come as a result of the partial solar eclipse / new moon in Cancer that could have you screaming bloody murder and texting your fingers off your phone. Remember you have friends who care about you and will listen to you. In the event plan A didn’t work and Plan B seems to be falling apart, know this. Your loved ones are the Ace you have up your sleeve in order to push through and heal broken hearts. Nothing is certain either as the energy around you will be unstable. Meditation will be extremely helpful and grounding.



Your temper is going to be tested this month. How you handle the what is more important than anything. Learn to balance a book on your head and brush up on your etiquette because being graceful is your ultimate weapon this month. Don’t let them see you sweat. Yes, scream / cry into your pillow at night or cry on the right side of the escalator where no one will see you. But taking control of your emotions and letting people get under your skin is a huge lesson you will be dealing with.



Listen to the voice in your head. You are not going crazy. All this intense retrograde energy will have you connecting inward. Listen to your gut especially when it comes to matters of self care. Do not make rash decisions about pursuing your crush unless you know it is reciprocated and there is no emotional baggage attached on their end. Your sign will also be handing out unsolicited yet excellent advice to those who may be having a hard time (looking at you Aquarius / Leo). This is also a great time to pick up an old regimen that deals with your health. Get back on track and make sure to get plenty of rest!



You have new paths appear before you but you may need to chill out before you move forward. Distraction, temptation, opportunity come out of nowhere to say hello. You may get excited over someone you have a crush on but try not to focus on them too much. You have work to do. If this person is still around Mid-August make a move then. This can also apply to work or a collaboration of some kind. Yes it is an exciting month for you but beware getting distracted by shiny objects.



You will spend a lot of July feeling anti-social. Your focus on self-care and the home come to the front this month. You may get a lot of work and will have to balance many errands. Make a plan and stick to it so there are no surprises later. The eclipse / new moon in Cancer energy may you have doing a deep dive into yourself to see where you can find room for compassion and improvement.


About Sonia Ana Ortiz:
Sonia Ortiz is American made with Cuban parts. She has been reading tarot for 24 years. She is an Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Bruja, and Graphic Designer. She is the mother of #guapacat and #badgirlfrifri. You can follow her across social media @soniaotarot.