Got a Girl Crush On: Princess, Maya Rudolph’s Prince cover band

Just when you thought Maya Rudolph couldn’t get any cooler.

Princess – that is, Rudolph and friend/collaborator Gretchen Lieberum – have played a few gigs in LA (see their performance of “Darling Nikki” at the Troubadour, above), and tomorrow night, Thursday, September 20, they’re bringing their sultry sounds to Brooklyn Bowl. ?uestlove and The Roots will accompany their night-long ode to the Purple One.

Advance tickets are sold out (weep!) but if you don’t have to be up early on Friday morning, you can try to snag a seat at the door. I recommend that you do, ‘cause these Sexy M.F.s are a real Peach, and I just know they’re gonna turn Brooklyn into an Erotic City.