Pakayla Rae Biehn



Interviewed & photographed by Andrea Cheng

Pakayla's art makes you do a double-take when you realize these are paintings and not double-exposed photos! Here’s a blurb from Andrea Cheng’s interview with her from Issue 4 of our magazine:

AC: What are some pros and cons about being a woman artist in these modern times?

PB: Cons -  Social Media (which is also a “pro”). Work being brushed off as too emotional or feminine. A feast/famine money situation, which is less gendered and more just being an artist but still applicable. I have faced a few gallerists (who shall remain nameless) who’ve been extremely misogynistic and said some pretty nasty things to me.

Pros - Being surrounded by a group of supportive strong artists, which eclipses most of the things on this list. No 9-5s! Learning always and forever. The ability to safely fail. Having comfort in being an extrovert. Building insane ideas.

To read these besties’ full interview–both comedic and inspiring–pick up a copy at >>> and check out more of Pakayla’s art at