Sonia’s Solstice Altar

ello my brujas! Summer is officially here. We welcome the Summer Solstice with open arms!

Solstice is derived from the Latin words sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still).

It celebrated all over the world virtually by every culture imaginable. There are so many ways to celebrate the Solstice. Today I have planned a simple Solstice altar that can bring major results.

Things you will need

bouquet of sunflowers

spring water


a print out of the Sun Tarot Card or the Sun Tarot Card itself.

Dragon’s Blood Incense

brown paper bag


chamomile tea

You will need to first light the incense and pass it through your home  in order to clear out any nasties. Just keep it lit and keep it going as Dragon’s Blood is super strong in putting forth your intent. Next start setting up the altar by filling a vase with Spring water and then putting the sunflowers in there. Make sure you taste a drop of honey with your index finger and then proceed to put a drop of honey on each of the sunflowers.

The next thing you will do is make sure to brew a hot cop of the chamomile tea. You will be sipping this slowly as you take part in the intention building part of this exercise. With the pencil and brown paper bag, just write out what you are set to do for the rest of the year. Remember to say Please and Thank You as you write. Using a paper clip, adhere your intention to the Sun tarot card and keep it near the vase of sunflowers and honey.

You can now sit by your altar with a cup of tea and think about everything you have written down and making sure you have nothing but gratitude in your heart.

You can continue to keep this altar through the Fall or when the flowers are gone, you can simply bury the paper in some dirt. I personally have also found that placing that paper inside of a potted plant helps to keep those spell vibes strong.

Please feel free to share photo of your altar with the hashtag #ggcsummersolsticealtar and do not forget to tag @gotagirlcrush!

I hope you all have a beautiful Solstice no matter how you celebrate. Stay tuned for more #crushascopes for the month of July. I will be featuring a new tarot deck too to go along wtih the month of July.

-XO Sonia

Illustration by Amanda Stosz