Via my all-female Fantasy Football League, The Vagina Monoleague (yea, that’s right), check out this amazing lady! –Meg


This girl is my new personal hero. Florida High School has its first girl Quarter Back!

Check out this fantastic gal, Erin Dimeglio.  As minor as it may seem to have a girl QB to come in at a winning game at 1:40 left in the game..to me its the equivalent of women getting the right to vote. Ok, so not that extreme but I’ve been watching a lot of Friday Night Lights and she’s like my own personal Matt Saracen getting his chance to be QB1 (even though someone had to break their back for that chance).

That form, that hair, and that smile! The team’s support is so amazing and hearing the players say “our trash talk was saying…hey don’t touch my girlfriend” is kind of adorable, in a “this girl may throw a ball in my face and break my nose” type of way.

Being a former high school cheerleader, I’d totally have been going ape shit cheering for my teams girl QB. I played enough powder puff football thinking that our team was better than the team we were supposed to cheer for…But I can’t imagine the feeling of her coach sending her in to make history! 

Congrats Erin! and Go South Plantation Paladins!