We are so thrilled to feature Yael Malka & Cait Oppermann’s “Twenty-one Beds” photo essay in Issue #3 of Got a Girl Crush Magazine!

In July 2012, we embarked on a 70-day long backpacking trip across nine European countries, Turkey, and Morocco.  We photographed things differently in every city we went to and were naturally interested in different things as the trip went on.  The one thing we consistently photographed in each place we went was the bed, couch, or floor we slept on.  Each photograph varies in terms of the setting as well as our body language and expressions which were affected by the stage of the trip we were on, how exhausted we were, how sunburnt we were on a given day.  No matter what city or country we were in, the surface we slept on was consistently a place of refuge and served as our temporary idea of “home.”

What’s in Issue #3? We’re working on this issue as we speak and hope to launch it in April 2014. We’ve got some great interviews, essays & articles lined up. 

Here’s who you’ll find in Issue #3:

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