Stockist Spotlight: Lockwood Shop // Queens, New York

We're starting to feature all of our different rad stockists weekly because we believe in supporting small business!

1. What's the name of your shop? Where are you located? Tell us about y'all!

Hi, we're Lockwood Shop! Lockwood currently consists of 4 locations, all in QNS, NY. You can find us in Astoria, Jackson Heights, and Queens Museum. We even have a size inclusive women's clothing boutique where woman of all sizes can find affordable, fashion forward items. 

2. What made you decide to open? How long have you been around?

I got sick of catering to the super rich at my interior design job in the city, and looked around my own neighborhood of Astoria and thought there could be possibility. I opened SITE, my first design-oriented shop, in the spring of 2007. In 2013, we moved to a larger location and rebranded as Lockwood. 10 years, y'all! 

3. What's your favorite thing about being a small biz owner?

There's a lot to love, but two that come to mind: freedom and limitless creativity. If you can dream it, you can do it. (Within reason...)

4. What's your favorite thing to buy for your store? How has the shop allowed you to discover new artists/product?

One of my favorite things to buy for my shop is greeting cards. We strive to only buy indie made, often women made cards. The variety of sentiments and styles are super fun to sort through. 

I've also watched a bourgeoning Queens design scene develop into something quite impressive. In 2012, I struggled to put together an exhibition on local makers, but these days I get 2-3 pitches a week. Working on custom items for Lockwood is something I take great pride in, and it's one of the more fun parts of my job. Connecting with all these makers makes it so much easier.

5. Why did you want to open your store? What was your mission/intention?

I wanted to bring a little slice of design to Astoria, and more broadly, Queens. In 2007, you could find all sorts of "hip" shops in Brooklyn, but nothing of the sort in QNS. Back then there wasn't really a retail scene at all in the neighborhood, and I feel like that layer is vital. I often talk about "Perfect Sundays," the ones where you go to yoga, have brunch, check out that cute little shop....etc, and we were missing that last piece. 

32-15 33rd St, Astoria, NY 11106 //