Every month our resident bruja, Sonia, chooses a tarot deck out of her collection and picks 12 cards from that correlate to each sign of the zodiac. This is #crushascope for April 2017.        

Venus is still retrograde through April 15. This means relationships are still moving slowly and you may re-visit a relationship with an old flame. Things might extra frustrating for everyone once Mercury goes retrograde on the 9th for the next 3 weeks. This is a great time to close the door on old situations. Complete things, spring cleaning, and closure is highly recommended during a Mercury Rx. With that said, here are the cards I pulled for you for the month of April.  

You have had a rough start to your year and with Venus and Mercury retrograde you feel as though things are impossible. You may be having trouble with your partner and may feel like calling it quits. Listen to people around you and reflect on their words in private. The Star promises a moment of hope and clarity that will give you the necessary plan you need to take into action.

You will be working hard on your goals this month. Let Mercury retrograde work for you. Slow down and practice patience where needed. Your hard work is going to pay off and perhaps many of you will be awaiting a monetary raise at work. You deserve recognition for your hard work and it will be given. Do not be surprised if things tend to get lost around you this month. Be extra careful and exhale profoundly if you get stuck.  

Mercury, your ruling planet is going backwards but you have to choose how it will affect you. By pulling The Emperor this month, you will get to work on mindfulness more. You have the power to act vs. react to the situations that may get thrown your way. It is only human to get frustrated but perhaps things will play differently and in your favor you have less of a knee-jerk reaction to things that do not agree with you. That being said, be kind to yourself this month and tie up loose ends instead of setting new goals.  

April, will be a month of breakthrough for you. You will be able to hash things out and make peace. Venus and Mercury Retrograde are going to force you to look at your relationships. You will have a fair amount of people or situations from your past re-visit you. This is great because you get the closure you need. This month will be telling of who is there for you vs. who you need to remove from your life. The spring cleaning you need to focus on is about the people in your life you want to keep. That being said, any relationship you keep will be fortified and you will have secured a solid foundation with your partner or friends who made the cut.

Recognize your self-worth. You may feel uninspired this month or in a rut. This is a great time to pick up a creative practice you may have left behind. Perhaps journaling or drawing? You need to remind yourself of how creative you are. Fight the urge to stay in bed and mope. This is not a time for you to be feeling sorry for yourself. Yes you can retreat from things that aren’t helping you feel well but you need to stay active. Also do not turn your back on those who see your potential. Remember that you are not a burden to anyone who truly loves you. Speak up and get creative.

You have a great idea you want to put into action ASAP. What a bummer that your ruling planet is moving backwards in time, super slowly. Things will get done just not at the pace you are looking for. Be patient Virgo. I know that is not your strongest suit as you wanted everything yesterday. It is definitely a great time to work on a schedule for your project but do not set any plans in motion until the middle of May. This is a great month to make plans and organize your space around you.    

Be mindful of what and how you write things. The retrograde will have emphasis on your words this month.
Be careful not to overshare your thoughts on social media or perhaps quote a snippet of a conversation with someone that was meant to be private. Things may blow up out of proportion so please take this as a warning. You always mean well but somehow drama loves to find you. Just lay low and perhaps be a little more private than the usual since energies of the retrograde will make you and those around you extra sensitive.     

Closing the book on a crappy situation is no fun for anyone. You will find yourself walking away from toxic people and bad habits. This is the month to get rid of things that do not serve you. This is a spring cleaning of your personal life! You will come to realize the things that do not bring out the best qualities in you and you will be quick to fix them. Courage will come to you as you face off with the things or people you have been avoiding. Do not be afraid as you are only growing and being placed where you need to be.  

You will have a major focus on self-care as well as caring for those in your home. You will have a surplus of this nurturing feeling but do not invest it on people outside of your home or close friend circle. This is a great time to re-organize your home and work space.  You will have a very close connection with animals this month.

Perhaps look into fostering a fur baby who needs a home or volunteer at a shelter. This is all stemming from the fact that you want to make your home the safest place on earth. Find ways to make that work for you.

You will focus on your finances this month. Try not to overspend this month as an emergency situation may ask you to dip into your savings. Focus on eating home cooked meals too. You want to be fiscally conservative because you may also be presented with an amazing opportunity that will require money. You are the accountant of the zodiac so this will be easy for you Capricorn. Just stay away from buying any equipment or eating and drinking out too much. The rainy day to splurge your savings is coming, just not this time. Wait until md May to see how you can spend that extra cash.

The retrogrades will have very little effect on you. Problems that come up will get solved quickly. You might lose an email here or there but you are solid this month. This is a great month to be of help to those who ask for it. Your words have staying power. You will be there to listen to people and offer excellent advice to those in need. You also will have the know how on negotiation so it will work in your favor to close a deal that has been open for a while. People will listen and side with you. Just be charming and explain how you see things.

You will be faced with making boundaries this month. People around you will have a tendency to overwhelm you with their drama. You are also dealing with your own internal struggles this month. You will be more private than usual and may lash out once you cannot handle anymore energy around you. Remember to set boundaries in a civil matter. If it is something you don’t want to be involved with simply say so and go on with the rest of your day. You will also have a tendency to hide behind your work or a massive project. Focus on getting more physical this month. Walk more, work at home while watching tv, or simply take more time to yourself outdoors to help you work through your feels.

April’s #crushascope was conjured up using  The Hanson-Robert’s Tarot

About Sonia Ana Ortiz:
Sonia Ortiz is American made with Cuban parts. She has been reading tarot for over 20 years. She is a licensed Reiki Practitioner, Bruja, and Graphic Designer. She is the mother of #guapacat and #badgirlfrifri. You can follow her on instagram at @soniaotarot.