Stockist Spotlight: Little Paper Planes // San Francisco, California

Every Saturday we feature all of our different rad stockists because we believe in supporting small business!

What's the name of your shop? Where are you located? Tell us about y'all!

Little Paper Planes.  We are located in The Mission district of San Francisco!

We are an artist/women run shop that focuses on both functional and art objects made by artists and designers. We love collaborating on products with artists as well and highlight them also in monthly print editions and interviews.  We also run the LPP+ Residency program offsite where we give artists monthly residencies. They each culminate in a publication.

What made you decide to open? How long have you been around?

 I started LPP back in 2004 as an online only shop for artist ephemera. At the time there was no platform for artists goods sold online (no Etsy yet!) Since my friends and I had just graduated from art school we were making a ton of stuff so I thought an online shop would be fun!  It kind of snow balled since then and we opened the physical location in 2013.

What's your favorite thing about being a small biz owner?

I love being able to work with artists and designers.  I just love creating an alternative economy to the masses.  We are one big circle with the shops and designers and the community who supports us.  It is truly special.  I also love the flexibility.  I have a 15 month old son so it has allowed me to stay at home with him.  (Obviously there are other challenges with that!)

What's your favorite thing to buy for your store? How has the shop allowed you to discover new artists/product?

I can't pick favorites!  I love it all, obvi!  Yes!  My shop manager Hannah and I are always finding new designers and artists.  I just wish I could carry everything I love!

Why did you want to open your store? What was your mission/intention?

Simply put I wanted to help financially support my fellow artists and provide a platform for not only products to be sold, but ideas to be shared with us and the community we live in.  Starting the residency program was so special for me.  To give artists a place to work/think/sit is so important especially in a city where rents are high and the art community is disappearing.

Little Paper Planes // 855 Valencia St, San Francisco, California 94110