What Are We Even Doing With Our Lives?

In this a charming, satirical "children’s" book, BuzzFeed’s lead animal editor, Chelsea Marshall; and friend of Girl Crush, one-part & Friends (makers of the Tampon Tax and Yula Bra videos), and acclaimed art director/illustrator, Mary Dauterman, poke fun at our contemporary, hyper-connected, and often mundane millennial age and the absurdities of the #blessed time and place in which we all now live.

Welcome to Digi Valley, a town where no one knows what they're doing but everyone's trying their best! This satirical "children's" book pokes fun at the hyperconnected contemporary world in which we live. 

Everybody in Digi Valley is very, very busy—texting, tweeting, video chatting, sending selfies, swiping for dates, and binging on their favorite shows. Whether you’re looking for a job at the latest media startup or want to publish your own web series, this urban mecca has something for everyone. And with the emotionally sensitive, tech-friendly Digi Valley Elementary School, it’s a great place to raise kids too!

Filled with dozens of illustrated spreads, What Are We Even Doing With Our Lives? is possibly the most honest "children’s" book for all ages ever written!

Check out their launch party tomorrow, August 8th, in Brooklyn or snag your copy online!