Got a Girl Crush On: Charleston painter Raven Roxanne

(words by Kellie Vinal & photos by Amber Fouts)

Known for her stunning, playful creations that evoke the brightness of the sun and the vivaciousness of the feminine spirit, Raven Roxanne is a delightful burst of sunshine. In the studio, Raven approaches her paintings much like she approaches life–with openness in her heart and her paintbrush, allowing her inspiration to fly freely. Her light-hearted demeanor and pleasant, captivating spirit allow her to explore new directions without taking things too seriously. Her paintings capture the beautiful complexity found in nature using blends of colors that arouse feelings of peacefulness and delight. It’s no wonder this bird is so in tune with evocative colors—she’s coastal born and bred, and recently made the move back to the coast in Charleston, SC to dedicate all of her time to her craft.