Got a Girl Crush On: Kat Thek


Interview & Photographs by Meg Wachter

The longer you live in New York City, the more hardened, jaded, and skeptical you become, so it takes a lot to spark interest or curiosity in us! Meet Kat Thek: the intrepid mind behind pull-tab fliers seen all over Brooklyn for the last year or so that are so far beyond your typical ads for guitar lessons or free kittens that it stops you in your tracks from your normal commute to the subway to ask yourself and other passing strangers–what the f#¢K?!

It started with Cat Hair Pillsdescribed as “made from the finest free-range cats with only occasional antibiotic usage” with two cat options (lovingly listed as Cat A and Cat B) for you to choose. Next came CatHairPillsSport“perfect solution for exercise, travel, and your most intimate moments.” I was convinced that this was definitely the makings of a neighborhood art school student and would chuckle at them whenever these physical pop-up ads would present themselves. But I was sold at the humorous endeavors of the maker by the time Friends Forever Tamponsappeared on our corner street lamp–insisting to let you friendship flow by two tampons connected by one string! At this point I appreciated the level of trolling and the amount of effort that went into these irreverent pieces of paper, and had to find out the source. My hunch that a woman was behind all of these was confirmed when Used Wax Strip Fortune Telling (the new tea leaves) debuted most recently. Turns out, she’s also my neighbor. A collector of many the curious item, I finally met Kat at her home on a atypically warm November night. She, of course, provided her own smoke machine. 

Hey Kat! Can you introduce yourself and tell us more about your street art projects (or how you would classify your “advertisements”)?

My name is Kat Thek. I offer goods and services via pull-tab fliers. Recent fliers include Cat Hair Pills, CatHairPillsSport, Friends Forever Tampons, and Used Wax Strip Fortune Telling.

Would you consider yourself an entrepreneur? An artist? A hoaxster? An entertainer?

I’m a Carrie.

How’s business? Which of your endeavors have garnered the greatest response/attention?

Business is booming!

In terms of response, each project has taken its own course – Cat Hair Pills make a lot of sense online,Friends Forever Tampons have traveled well on twitter, and there is a need for Used Wax Strip Fortune Telling on morning radio (ed: and the local news).

One of my favorite responses to Friends Forever Tampons was a Men’s Rights Group who was basically like, “SEE??!!?!”. It was nice to confirm some sort of hunch they’d been having about ladies wanting to share a tampon.

Also, Cat Hair Pills have been the proud corporate sponsor for parties and album releases. 

What inspirations qualify to be made into a pull-tab fliers?

I just think: would I like to see this product in SkyMall magazine?

If so, I make it into a pull-tab flier AKA SidewalkMall magazine.

First Cat Hair Pills, then Best Friends Tampons, and now Wax Fortune Telling–what’s next?

I’ve got a few things brewing – product wise, I have a working prototype of a revised Selfie Stick. It’s a traditional telescoping selfie stick, but the handle is an extremely realistic fleshy dildo. It’s perfect for doing your selfie, but it’s also great for taking your selfie because the dildo’s veins allow for an excellent grip.

I also do a live game show called the Kat Game Thek Show that involves light-up helmets and obscene accusations. The audience gets to do lots of shouting and contestants get to throw drinks in each other’s faces. Mostly nobody wins, but I like to think it builds character.

I’m also working on making a real life catdog. It’s not going great.

Are there any ladies you are currently crushing on now?

So, so many! A few:

Maria Bamford

Amy Sedaris

Lisa Hanawalt

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Katja Blichfeld

Tracie Egan Morrissey

Maude Lebowski

Miranda July

Joan Didion

+ the entire band of Childbirth


Photo: A real-life Cat Hair Pill and “Cat B”

Photo: A real-life Cat Hair Pill and “Cat B”