Weekend music round-up

Been waiting very patiently for the return of Missy Elliott for over a decade now and our hopes have been running higher this year with an appearance at the Super Bowl with Katy Perry, then on a new Janet Jackson track, and now a full-blown new single and video for “WTF (where they from)” we can’t wait for 2016!

Childbirth is our latest obsession (as recommended by crush Kat Thek). Joke Punk from Seattle with faves like “Siri, Open Tinder,”  “Cool Mom,” and “Let’s Be Bad” they are composed of members of Chastity Belt, Tacocat, and Pony Time and you need to buy both their albums immediately. 

Peaches “Close Up” featuring Kim Gordon. On repeat.

We saw Shopping open for Shannon and the Clams on their current tour and were blown away by their frenetic energy and throw-back 80s new wave meets aughts style.

Speaking of throw-backs, after a hearty binge of re-watching 90s icon Daria, we did some sleuthing to find out if the theme song was actually done by a real band and–behold Splendora! They only put out one album in 1995, but it perfectly captures the 90s sound like Veruca Salt, Luscious Jackson, and Liz Phair.