Got a Girl Crush On: Regina Schilling’s “HEY LADY” zines


Regina Schilling is an artist who runs a feminist collaborative quarterly [publication] called HEY LADY. Each issue is a collection of original art portraying one woman from the past who deserves to be remembered. The contributing artists vary in each issue and include women from all over the world. The submission process is through snail mail and the finished product is a full color, pocket sized book with an attached button, all handmade in her studio in Olympia, Washington. Past issues feature Yoko Ono, Nichelle Nichols, Candy Darling and the fourth issue will be on L’eonor Fini, released April 15th. HEY LADY is currently an open submission process, so contact Regina today to be included in future issues. Honor women of the past while supporting women of the present and order a copy or subscription today! 

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